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Vermicomposting Bin

The Worm Wigwam

You will be amazed at how quickly and efficiently the Worm Wigwam converts your kitchen, yard, and garden waste to vermicompost.

Vermicomposting Bin 
For over 20 years The Worm Wigwam has proven to be an easy, efficient and economic way to convert organic waste to nutrient rich vermicompost. Our flow through worm bin is heated and insulated for year round use and can be conveniently located indoor or outdoor away from intense sunlight or other extreme weather exposure. The Worm Wigwam worm farm is easy to set up and because the worms do all the work!  Our worm bin offers worm castings of the highest quality and requires very little maintenance. This fantastic, worm powered machine comes with a three year guarantee.  BUY NOW!!!

Worm Bin This diagram shows how bedding and organic material are alternately layered in our worm bin kit by adding new layers on top. The worms continuously rise to feed on fresh layers, leaving a rich mixture of castings humus, worm cocoons, micro-organisms and organic material in varying stages of decomposition behind. This "worm free" vermicompost is easily sifted out from the compost tray with a quick turn of the crank and retrieved, ready for use, through the door at the bottom.

Worm specifications

  • 10 - 15 lbs. Start up red wiggler worm population
  • 10 - 15 lbs. Feed and bedding per day processing capacity
  • 45 - 60 lbs. Finished vermicompost per week
  • Dimensions 3' diameter x 3' height
  • Space requirement 4' x 4' work area


  • This is the best vermicomposting system that I have seen to date. Anyone interested in vermicomposting to accomplish organic waste diversion, education and/or research should definitely consider the Worm Wigwam. Two years later and ours are still diverting tons of organic waste from the landfill.
    Dick Sloan, of the National Institute of Health.
  • The Worm-Wigwam has kept me in the worm business. I was going to give it up because it was just too much work. Then I found the Worm-Wigwam and everything changed for the good. I'm now having the time of my life growing and selling worms without the intense labor I was going through before.
    Jonathan Craig